Musical Instruments

At American Pawn we buy or loan on all types of musical instruments. From guitars to accordions, if you need money today, we are here to help!

Over the past 30 years we have become experts at valuing musical instruments which allows us to pay top dollars for them. Other, less experienced, pawn brokers might give you a much lower offer to

Bring in your musical instrument and we will make you an offer right on the spot!

Sell or Pawn, Your Choice!

Our Buying Process is Simple

Our process is very simple. You can make an appointment, or simply walk into our store with your intrument(s). We will evaluate your item(s) and make you an offer. There is never an obligation to sell. But if you wish to sell your musical instruments, we will buy them right there and then.

Simple Pawn Process & Terms

Pawning a musical instrument with American Pawn is simple. You bring your item into our store, we value your item(s) and make you a loan offer on the spot. If you agree with the amount and terms, you walk out with cash (or a check) for your loan

No credit check, low interest rates, no payment for 90 days. All loans are for 90 days and renewable every 90 days.

For more information, please call: [phone_biz]